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Lorenzo Veracini, Revising Revisionist History: the 'Maori Achievement' and Recent Historiographical Developments on the 'New Zealand Wars'. Peer Reviewed. Published 01-03-2004.

Monica Keneley, The Dying Town Syndrome:A Survey of Urban Development in the Western District of Victoria 1830-1930. Peer Reviewed. Published 22-03-04.

Binoy Kampmark, From Security to Liberation: Shifting Pro-war Discourses on the Iraq War. Peer Reviewed. Published 01-08-2004

Dale Sanders, From Colonial Outpost to Popular Tourism Destination: A Brief History of Land Use in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Region, Western Australia. Peer Reviewed. Published 23-11-2004




Richard and Marianne Davis, ‘The First Joint in the Tail of a Black Budget’: G.V. Shannon as New Zealand Customs Expert after the 1888 Tariff Act. Peer Reviewed. Published 10-04-2003

James M. Gore, Representations of Non-Indigenous History and Identity in the National Museum of Australia and Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarew. Peer Reviewed. 18-10-2003

Kevin O'Toole and Neil Burdess, Municipal Wards in Victoria, 1982-1999. Peer Reviewed. Published 18-10-2003

Aat Vervoorn, Unknown in the Unknown: A.J. Barrington - Prospector, Explorer, likeable Rogue? Peer Reviewed. Published 20-11-2003.



Lorenzo Veracini, and Adrian Muckle, Reflections of Indigenous History inside the National Museums of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand and outside of New Caledonia’s Centre Culturel Jean-Marie Tjibaou Peer reviewed. Published 20-12-2002

2000 - 2001:

Scott Davidson, The First Significant Overseas War: Australians leave for the Waikato War in New Zealand (1863). Peer Reviewed Published 11-04-2000

Monica Keneley, Land of Hope: Soldier Settlement in the Western District of Victoria 1918-1930. Peer Reviewed. Published 11-04-2000.

Thomas Heyd, Indigenous Knowledge, Land Ethic, and Sustainability. Peer Reviewed. Published 11-20-2000

Ian Simpson, Challenging Australian History: Discovering New Narratives. A Report on the National Library of Australia Conference, Canberra, 14-15 April 2000. Peer reviewed. Published 11-04-2000.

Jennifer M.T. Carter, and Roger T. Cross, Mills, Millers and Millwrights: how the Machine Age came to South Australia. Peer reviewed. Published 28-08-2001.

Richard Davis, John Gibbons: from Tipperary Pig Stealer to Van Diemen's Land Quack Doctor: the Rewards and Punishments of 19th Century Medical Entrepreneurs. Peer reviewed. Published 28-08-2001.


Sean Brawley, A Comfortable and Relaxed Past': John Howard and the 'Battle of History' The First Phase - February 1992 to March 1996.

Richard Brockett, The Australian Country Party, the Australian League of Rights, and the Rural Crisis of 1968 - 1972.

Glenn A. Davies, The Gold Field Commissioners on the Colonial Queensland Frontier, 1870-1875.

Richard Davis, New Zealand Labour Government and the ALP, 1939-40: an Image of Independence.

Graeme Davison, History and Hypertext.

David Greason, The League of Rights: a reply to Brockett.

Mel Keenan, The Armagh Five : Irish Ribbonmen in Tasmania 1840-1850.

Monica Keneley, The Impact of Agricultural Intensification on the Pastoral Economy of the Western District of Victoria, 1890-1930.

Peter Limb, Australian Historian at the Dawn of Apartheid: Fred Alexander in South Africa, 1949-50.

Philippa Martyr, From Quackery to Qualification: Massage and Electrotherapy in Australia, 1870-1914.

Philippa Martyr, Ludwig Bruck's List of Unregistered Practitioners

Paul Moon, Three Historical Interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi (1840).

Steve Mullins, Internal Colonialism, Communalism, Institutionalised Racism, Progressive Reform, Clash of Administrative Cultures, or all of the above: motivations for social control in Torres Strait, 1897-1911.

Rodney Sullivan and Dawn May, The Reconstruction of an Agrarian Populist Mentality: the Parramatta Park "Riot" of 1932.

Paul Turnbull, Ancestors, not Specimens: Reflections on the Controversy over the Remains of Aboriginal People in European Scientific Collections.








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