Volume 10, 2003

(2003) 10 JCULR
ISSN 13211072



Balancing the Racial Equation


Paul Havemann

Genetic Modification, Ecological Good Governance and the Law: New Zealand in the Age of Risk

Mohammed L Ahmadu

E-Procurement as a Development Imperative for Small Island States in the South Pacific

Myint Zan

The Standing Aside of Australia’s Governor-General: A Comment

J Rivers and
Alex Amankwah

Sovereignty and Legal Pluralism in Developing Nations: A New Appraisal of the Papua New Guinea Case

Case Notes

Chris Davies

News Limited v South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club Limited

Andrew Anderson

Grutter v Bollinger

Warren Pengilley

The Wallis Lake Oyster Litigation: Appellate Precedents in Relation to a Gallimaufry of Product Liability Claims

Book Reviews

Alex Amankwah

Rights, Emergencies and Judicial Review

Alex Low

Electronic Commerce and the Law