Volume 11, 2004

(2004) 11 JCULR
ISSN 13211072


Mayo Lecture

Address Given by the Honourable Justice John Dowsett


Paul Fairall

The Defence of Necessity

Shawkat Alam

Trade and Environmental Linkage in the Post-Uruguay Round Context

Ben Mathews

Assessing the Scope of the Post-IPP ‘Close Associate’ Special Limitation Period for Child Abuse Cases

Kelley Burton

Reform of the Double Jeopardy Rule on the Basis of Fresh and Compelling DNA Evidence in New South Wales and Queensland

Penelope Watson

Alcohol Server Liability, Duty, Responsibility and the Law of Torts

Amanda Williamson

An Examination of Jewish Divorce under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)

Dominique Thiriet

Tradition and Change – Avenues for Improving Animal Welfare in Indigenous Hunting

Case Note

Ulla Secher

Jones v Public Trustee of Queensland – Recognition of Aboriginal Customary Law and the Mabo Principle

Lisa Westcott

Thomas v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation