Volume 15, 2008

(2008) 15 JCULR
ISSN 13211072


Mayo Lecture

Caroline de Costa

Abortion Law, Abortion Realities

Guest Address

George Brandis

The Debate We Didn’t Have to Have: The Proposal for an Australian Bill of Rights


S Christensen,
P O’Connor,
W Duncan,
R Ashcroft

Early Land Grants and Reservations: Any Lessons from the Queensland Experience for the Sustainability Challenge to Land Ownership

Kate Galloway

Statutory Modification of Contract Law in Queensland: A New Equilibrium or Entrenching the Old Power Order

Haitham Haloush

Prescription in Arab Civil Codes and the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts of 2004: A Comparative Analysis

Marina Nehme
Claudia Koon Ghee Wee

Tracing the Historical Development of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Reporting

Oscar Roos

Alarmed but not Alert in the ‘War on Terror’? The High Court, Thomas v Mowbray and the Defence Power

Niloufer Selvadurai
Brent Salter
Peter Gillies

Challenges for Interpretation in Light of Evolving Technologies

Case Notes

Chris Davies

A Cautionary Tale: Seven Network v News Ltd

Mandy Shircore

Standardising the Standard of the Learner Driver: Imbree v McNeilly