Welcome from the Director

The Corporate Planning and Performance Office (CPP) was established in February 2008, and is located within the Division of Finance & Resource Planning . CPP provides services to management and staff of the University.

The role and responsibilities of CPP are:

  • Management of the University’s planning process

  • Management of the University’s performance measurement process

  • Provision of statistics and business intelligence and university statistics to inform management decision-making

  • Provision of publications (eg. Facts & Figures ) and corporate reports (eg. University Performance Report )

  • Provision of online reporting tools and applications for student-related data (eg. Student Statistics Reporting Tool )

  • Preparation of the University’s student load and income projections, and student load reporting

  • Statutory Reporting for the provision of higher education statistical data collections (student and staff)

  • Provision of data analysis and management reporting services, including student survey evaluation and analysis.

  • Provision of professional, strategic and corporate performance advice to University management

I2A - Information to Analytics (Business Intelligence Project)
  • To learn more about the I2A project, please click the link     I2A

The majority of the information and reports produced by CPP is only accessible by University staff. Staff can access the University intranet though the Staff Access link below.

We are receptive to new ideas and ways in which we can enhance our delivery of services to the University. Suggestions for enhancement to our services are always welcome. Email vicki.hamilton@jcu.edu.au .


Vicki Hamilton

Director, Corporate Planning & Performance Office


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