Curriculum Development – Design and Assessment

The key themes for the Curriculum Refresh Project were drawn from the University Plan. These themes help make JCU’s curriculum distinctive, and include reviewed assessment practices and progression criteria, constructive alignment and good practice principles. External quality assurance, such as the Australian Quality Framework (AQF) is referred to during curriculum development and mapping.

Curriculum and assessment reference group experts:
Professor Richard James
Professor Paul Ramsden

Professor Sally Brown

Professor Phil Race

Useful links:

ALTC - Australian Learning and Teaching Council Exchange – Assessment links.

ALTC – Assessment 2020 paper UTS

AQF – JCU implementation plan 2013

AUTC - Australian Universities Teaching Committee– Assessment good practice directory.

Biggs, J. 2003, Aligning teaching for constructing learning

Biggs, J. 2002, Aligning the curriculum to promote good learning

Bovill et al, Curriculum Design for the First Year (UK)

Brown, Sally – Fit for purpose assessment presentation

Curriculum Design and Constructive Alignment (JCU webpage of links)

Enhancement themes (links from this page to multiple themes)

Enhancement themes publications and December 2011 newsletter

Enhancement themes publication – Curriculum Directions

Griffith – Good practice and curriculum alignment, a case study.

Hicks, Curriculum Design in Higher Education (from ALTC website)

HEA(Higher Education Academy UK ) – General assessment resources and evidence informed practices (large pdf).

JCU - Good Practice Indicators

Krause, 2009 – First Year Engagement, What role does curriculum play? ALTC Curriculum Design Symposium

PASS project – UK Program assessment strategies

Race, P – Downloads of assessment workshops

Reaburn et al - Blended spaces, work based learning and constructive alignment: Impacts on student engagement

Scenario-based Learning – JCU resource