The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences is located in Townsville and Cairns, central to the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropical Rainforests World Heritage Areas, and at the gateway to the world class mineral fields of north-eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea and the West Pacific.

The school is proud of its multi-disciplinary approach, its international outlook, and its extensive network of collaborations with private and government organisations, linked to a strong research tradition and a dynamic learning environment.

These attributes ensure that the School is a major contributor to the University’s reputation and listing in the TOP 4% of the World's Universities, and an important factor in our success in producing informed, effective and skilled graduates.

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News from the School

  • Searching for dolphins in PNG
    The first confirmed sighting of humpback dolphins in Papua New Guinea has taken place on a unique chartered field trip to investigate more about dolphin populations in the waters around southern PNG.
  • Fewer cyclones, but bigger blows
    Researchers from James Cook University in Cairns have confirmed that tropical cyclone activity in both Western Australia and Queensland is at its lowest activity for many centuries.