Yara Junqueira de Azevedo Tibirica

PhD Candidate

Business-Tourism Program

Earth and Environmental sciences

Master of Tourism (Ecotourism), James Cook University

BSc (Ecology) UNESP (Brazil)


308, Business, James Cook University, Townsville

Ph: + 61 07 4781 6369

Email: Yara.Tibirica

PhD title:

The potential for sustainably managed SCUBA diving tourism to assist in conservation of marine and coastal resources in developing countries


Dr Alastair Birtles, Prof Peter Valentine

Research Interests:

Diving tourism, coral reef conservation, poverty alleviation and Marine Protected Areas management

Research Projects:

2004-5: Projeto Recifes Costeiros – NGO / Brazil

Marine research assistant, designing projects, lodging grant applications, environmental public education, planning and participating in scientific dives and underwater photography

Research Volunteer Work:

2007: Reef Check Research Volunteer – Reef Check Australia

2004 – 2005: Reef Check Research Volunteer – Reef Check Brazil

2005: Trainer of Trainers Workshop – Reef Check Brazil

2005: Instructor Reef Check Brazil

2004: Expedition to St Paul And St Pedro Rocks (fish survey)

2001: Project - Environmental Public Education, Semente Viva Group UNESP – RC Brazil

1999: Instituto de Pesca, Santos / Brazil Environmental Public Education at the Fish Museum


January 2005: Scientific Dive Recifes Costeiros Institute / Brazil

Selected list of Publications:

Publications and Abstracts:

Tibirica, Y.J.A.; Coelho, L.F.; Moura, L.C.(2006) Floristic of lianas in a fragment of seasonal semidecidual forest State Park of Vassununga, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. Acta Botanica Brasilica 20 (2): 339-346.Acta Botanic Brasilic magazine (national category, A class)

Coelho, L. F.; Tibirica, Y. J. A.; Moura, L. C. Vines vertical and horizontal distribution on a forest fragment, Brazil. In prep.

Tibirica, Y.J.A.; Pinheiro, B.R. (2004) Reef perception by “Expo Adventure” visit. Recife/PE. Abstract. Oceanographic National Conference. Itajai/SC, Brazil.

Azevedo, M.C.J.; Tibirica, Y.J.A.(2004) Fishman perception about squid (Loligo plei) seasonality, Ihabela/SP. Abstract. Oceanographic National Conference. Itajai/SC, Brazil.

Tibirica, Y.J.A (2003) Distribuition and floristic of vines in a fragment of forest, Vassununga State Park, Brazil. Honours thesis. Paulista State University, Brazil. 98p.

Tibirica, Y.J.A.; Coelho, L.F.; Moura, L.C.(2003) Vines floristic composition in a florest fragment, Vassununga State Park, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro – SP. Expanded Abstract. Ecology National Conference. Fortaleza – CE / Brazil.

Valadao, L.M.; Tibirica, Y.J.A.(2001) Reflorestament the one degradation area, Morungaba – Sao Paulo. Abstract. Initiation Scientific Conference, Intituto de Biociencias, Rio Clrao/SP, Brazil.


Conference Presentations:

2004: Oceanographic Brazilian Congress, UNIVALI, Itajai – SC / Brazil

2003: Ecology Brazilian Congress, Fortaleza – CE / Brazil

2003: VX Initiation Scientific Congress, UNESP, Marilia – SP / Brazil

2002: XXIV Zoology Brazilian Congress, UNIVALI, Itajai – SC / Brazil

2003: Nature Conservation and Private Areas Seminar, Campo Grande, MT / Brazil