Dr. Ninghu Su

Dr Ninghu Su

Adjunct Professor

BScAgr Ningxia


Visit: building A2, second floor, room 223, Cairns campus

Call: 07 - 4042 1551

Fax: 07 - 4042 1364

Email: Ninghu Su

Research Interests

  • Hydrology and environmental fluid mechanics

  • Flow and transport in porous media (soils, groundwater & geological strata etc);

  • Surface and ground water hydraulics;

  • Irrigation hydraulics;

  • Flow and transport in catchment and channel networks.

  • Land-ocean-atmospheric interaction

  • Waves, tides and their interactions with land and air;

  • Environmental history

  • Environmental changes during historical times.

Selected Publications

Su, N. Theory of infiltration: Infiltration into swelling porous media in a material coordinate, Journal of Hydrology, 395, 103-108, 2010;

Su, N.Equations of anomalous absorption onto swelling porous media, Materials Letters, 63(28), 2483-2485, 2009;

Su, N. N-dimensional Fractional Fokker-Planck equation and its solutions for anomalous radial two-phase flow in porous media. Applied Mathematics & Computation, 213(2), 506-515, 2009;

Nelson, P. and Su, N. Soil pH buffering capacity: a descriptive function and its application to some acidic tropical soils. Australian Journal of Soil Research,48(3), 201–207, 2010;

Bhattarai, S.P., Midmore, D.J., Su, N. Sustainable irrigation to balance supply of soil water, oxygen, nutrients and agro-chemicals. Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, vol. 5, 253-285, 2010 (invited);

Venkatraman, K. Ashwath, N. and Su, N. Performance of a phytocapped landfill in a semi-arid climate. Chapter 18 in: J. Nair et al. (eds.): Technologies & Management for Sustainable Biosystems, Nova Publishers, 195-208, 2010;

Venkatraman, K., Ashwath, N. and Su, N. Predicting the site water balance of a phyto-capped landfill using HYDRUS1D. International Journal of Environmental Technology & Management (accepted);

Venkatraman, K., Ashwath, N. and Su, N. Measuring and modelling water balance at a phyto-capping site in Central Queensland. 1st Internl. Conf. on Technologies & Strategic Management of SustainableBiosystems, Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia, 6-9 July 2008;

Su, N. Radial water infiltration-advance-evaporation processes during irrigation using point source emitters in rigid and swelling soils. Journal of Hydrology, vol. 340, 190-197, 2007; correction to a figure: 360(1-4), 297, 2008;

Su, N. Scale and time effects on mathematical models for transport in the environment. Appl. Math. J. Chinese Univ. Ser. B, 22(3), 267-276, Springer, 2007;

Su, N., Sander, G.C., Liu, F., Anh, V. and Barry, A.D. Similarity solutions of the generalised Fokker-Planck equation with time- and scale-dependent dispersivity for solute transport in fractal porous media.Applied Mathematical Modelling, 29(9), 852–870, 2005, doi:10.1016/j.apm.2004.11.006;

F. Liu, V. Anh, I. Turner, K. Bajracharya, W. Huxley and N. Su. A finite volume simulation model for saturated-unsaturated flow and application to Gooburrum, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, Applied Mathematical Modelling 30(4), 352-366, 2006.

Su, N. and Midmore, D.J. Two-phase flow of water and air during aerated subsurface drip irrigation. Journal of Hydrology, 313(3-4), 158-165, 2005, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2005.02.025; (a correction to follow);

Su, N., Bethune, M., Mann, L. and Heuperman, A. Simulating water and salt movement in tile-drained fields irrigated with saline water under a Serial Biological Concentration management scenario. Agricultural Water Management, 165-180, 78(3), 2005, doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2005.02.003