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Pam Schultz

PhD Candidate

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Honours in Anthropology, BSocSc majors: Anthropology and Archaeology- James Cook University


A2-226, Earth and Environmental Sciences, James Cook University, Cairns Campus

Ph: +61 07 442 1552

Email: Pamela.Schultz

PhD title:

Defining social thresholds for living in tropical landscapes.


Prof Steve Turton, Dr. Iris Bohnet & Dr. James Butler

Research Interests:


The tropical landscapes of North Queensland are attractive places to live. As more people move to the region, settlement density increases on the fringes of existing towns and there is greater demand for acreage blocks in rural settings. While these developments are allowed under current government policies, the social, economic and ecological consequences are poorly understood (Bohnet & Smith 2006)

The research will consist of qualitative interviews with the people who have recently moved to rural areas of north Queensland for a ‘sea/tree change’ in an attempt to understand the changing social and physical environment of the north.The investigation will also explore the aesthetics of future tropical landscapes, to what extent the influx of residents change the character of the landscape that initially attracted them to the area and the consequences of social, economic and ecological changes which are presently poorly understood.

The analysis will provide practical recommendations to local government who are under pressure by the tourist industry and Natural Resource Management (NRM) planning to maintain aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

Research projects:

The above investigation is a part of the ATFI@JCU: The Australian Tropical Forest Institute and its joint research activities with CSIRO and JCU - Sustainable Ecosystems Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture and the Marine and Tropical Science Research Facility (MTSRG)/Reef & Rainforest Research Centre Ltd.


Australian Postgraduate Award, James Cook University and CSIRO top up