Amy Beavan

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PhD Candidate

BSc (Hons) – The University of Edinburgh

MSc – Aberystwyth University




4042 1724


Research Title:

Composting and biochar: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing soil fertility

Research Interests:

My research involves

  • The use of biochar in the composting process; differences between carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide emissions, nitrogen transformations and retention during composting and following soil application in growth trials.

  • How biochar compost mixes as soil amendments compare to fresh biochar and compost alone in terms of crop growth response and nitrogen availability/retention.

  • Comparative crop growth response to biochar produced by gasification and slow pyrolysis from the same feedstock.

Additional interests

  • Metagenomics and microbial community succession following biochar applications to compost and soil systems.

  • The use of biochar as a practical educational tool in high schools.


Professor Michael Bird, Dr Paul Nelson, Dr Peter Thorburn (CSIRO)


EV1005 (Environmental Processes and Global Change)