Hong Shen

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PhD Candidate




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Hong Shen

Research Title:

Investigating the applicability of GRACE in Constraining Evapotranspiration Estimation in Semi-arid Region, the Murray Darling Basin, Australia

Research Interests:

My research involves working with a magnificent remote sensing technique, GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment). This is mainly used for looking at hydrological gravity field changes evolving over time. Groundwater and evapotranspiration and data assimilation are the main focuses of my study. GRACE shows a great ability in detecting hydrological signals and validating hydrological models. Over the course of my project, I will be merging GRACE solutions to enhance the performances of remote sensing-based ET, in order to give more accurate water flux information for basin-scaled water resources planning and management.


Primary supervisor: Dr. Marc Leblanc; Co-supervisor: Professor David Gillieson, Dr.Sarah Tweed.