Mr John Daicopoulos


Mr John Daicopoulos

B. Sc (Hon Physics) McGill University

B. Ed (Physics and Mathematics) University of Toronto

Diploma (Peace and Conflict Studies) Conrad Grebel College (Univ. of Waterloo)





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In 2010 John was the Sessional Award Recipient in the Faculty of Science and Engineering; an award recognising outstanding contributions to student learning.

PH1001 Preparatory Physics Subject Coordinator

PH1005 Advanced Stream Physics Subject Coordinator

PH1007 Fundamental PhysicsSubject Coordinator

PH2019 Electromagnetism Optics and Thermodynamics Subject Coordinator

BM1022 Physiological Systems and Processes 2 (physics component)

SC1301 Science for Primary Teachers (physics component) Subject Coordinator

John’s interests lie in investigating and applying improved learning opportunities in physics lectures, labs and tutorials; not just for students, but for teachers of physics as well. He taught physics, mathematics and chemistry in Canada at the Upper Grand District School Board for 14 years, which included mentoring student teachers. He then moved to Australia and taught physics in Mildura, Victoria before moving to Townsville.

When not teaching physics…

John has taught LB5500: Negotiation and LB5522: Negotiation Theory and Practice in the Faculty of Law (Conflict and Dispute Resolution) and has been a professional labour negotiator in a past life.

He was the Editor for Australian Physics, the journal of the Australian Institute of Physics, from November 2007 to February 2010.

And for over four years he was a radio host on TripleT Townsville’s Community radio station with both a classic rock programme and a more casual music and interview programme called The Free Radical Cafe.

John can be found on LinkedIn.