James Cook University Herbarium Townsville (JCT)

JCT - Herbarium Townsville

Herbarium specimen

The James Cook University Herbarium Townsville (JCT) has a collection consisting of more than 15,000 vascular plant specimens (and about 8,500 algal specimens). The vascular plant collection is mostly from north Queensland.

The Herbarium serves as a botanical resource for students, staff, community members and professional botanists.Our collections offer excellent opportunities to learn more about the rich diversity of our local native flora, and exotic and invasive weeds. The Herbarium also participates in loan and exchange programs with other herbaria throughout the country.

Herbarium staff can assist honours and graduate students with plant identifications and can provide other botanical information upon request.

The herbarium is available for use most weekdays, however calling in advance of visits is recommended.

Herbarium Staff


Associate Professor Betsy Jackes

telephone: +61 7 4781 4574

email: Betsy.Jackes@jcu.edu.au


Ms. Nanette Hooker

telephone: +61 7 4781 5755

email: Nanette.Hooker@jcu.edu.au