Dr John Collins

Senior Lecturer

Dr John Collins

Senior Lecturer, JCU (1995 - present)

Lecturer, JCU (1987-95)

Senior Tutor, JCU (1976-87)

Tutor, JCU (1971-76).

BSc (Hons), MSc London, PhD JCU.

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Research Interests

  • Tropical Intertidal and Estuarine Invertebrates

  • Shallow Water Benthos

The coastal regions of North Queenslandhavenumerous mangrove lined estuaries separated byvast stretches of tropical shoreline consisting of rocky headlands, boulder beaches and extensive low energy sandy and muddy shores. These estuaries and shorelines have a huge diversity of invertebrates, often with poorly known biology. The ecology and population biology of the common invertebrates living on these shores form my main research interests. I am particularly interested in the molluscan, crustacean and echinoderm fauna of these shores.

The tropical intertidal studies have been extended to include the shallow water benthos to about 25m. This near coastal benthos is also very species rich. The effects of dredging and the fouling of harbour installations form a major part of this study.

Estuarine and Coastal Ecology Group “estecol”

Recent and Currently Supervised Projects

  • Role of crustaceans in estuarine trophodynmaics

  • Dynamics of benthic invertebrate communitiesin tropical estuarine systems

  • Effects of terrestrial runoff on coastal systems

  • Invertebrate interactions with epiphytes and seagrasses in a tropical seagrass meadow

  • Community ecology of intertidal invertebrates on tropical rocky shores

  • Systematics and phylogeny of the nudibranch family Dendrodorididae

  • Effects of dredged material disposal on the soft bottom benthos of Cleveland Bay

  • Systematics of Sea spiders (Pycnogonida)

Future PhD Directions

  • Biology of tropical intertidal invertebrates


MB3270 Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems

MB3279 Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems (Advanced)

Selected Publications

Cruz-Motta, J.J., Collins, J.D. (2004) Impacts of dredged material disposal on a tropical soft-bottom benthic assemblage. Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 270-280

Dartnall A.J., Byrne, M., Collins J.D., and Hart, M.W. (2003) A new viviparous species of asterinid (Echinodermata, Asteroidea, Asterinidae) and a new genus to accommodate the species of pantropical exiguoid sea stars. Zootaxa 359: 1–14

Kettle, B., Dalla Pozza, R., Collins, J.D. (2002) New Directions: A Review of the Impacts of Dredging in Cleveland Bay, and Research Priorities for the Next Decade. Report to the Townsville Port Authority. 125 pp