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PHTM Disaster Health and Emergency Response Senior Staff (top)

Prof Peter Leggat (Director, WSO Collaborating Centre)

A/Prof Richard Franklin (Co-Director, WSO Collaborating Centre)

A/Prof Peter Aitken

PHTM Disaster Health and Emergency Response Adjunct Staff (top)


Prof. Paul Arbon

Prof. Gerry Fitzgerald

Dr Stefan Mazur

Trevor Barnes

Matt Grant (Media)

SSGT Scott McLaren

Dr Neil Ballard

A/Prof. Bill Griggs

Dr Colin Myers

Dr Anthony Bell

Hazel Harley

Dr Andrew Pearce

Dr Paul Byleveld

A/Prof. Jon Hodge

Dr Frank Pratt

Dr Amanda Cocks

Dr Brett Hoggard

Prof. Stephen Rashford

Catrina Codd

Dr Matt Hooper

A/Prof. Andy Robertson

Dr David Cooksley

Angie Jackson

A/Prof. Isaac Seidl

A/Prof. David Cooper

Dr Minh Le Cong

Michael Tarrant

Dr Michael Corkeron, CSC

A/Prof. Mark Little

David Tingey

Dr Mark Elcock

Dr Allan MacKillip

Dr Stuart Young

PHTM Disaster Health and Emergency Response Affiliations (top)

Member, Australian Academic Network for Disaster Health Education and Research

Member, Charter for Safe Travel, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

World Safety Organization Collaborating Centre

PHTM Disaster Health and Emergency Response Postgraduate Study (top)

Postgraduate Certificate in Disaster and Refugee Health

Postgraduate Certificate in Aeromedical Retrieval

Master of Public Health (Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness)

Master of Public Health (Aeromedical Retrieval)

Doctor of Public Health

Doctor of Philosophy

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PHTM Disaster Health and Emergency Response Online Publications (top)

Disaster Medical Assistance Teams: A Literature Review

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PHTM Disaster Health and Emergency Response Research and Consultancy (top)

Disaster Health Preparedness

Disaster Medical Assistance Teams

Biosecurity and Emerging Health Threats

Aeromedical Retrieval

Humanitarian Response

Disaster Health Education and Training

Selected National Links (top)

· Disaster Preparedness & Management Unit, Western Australia

· Emergency Management Australia

· Medicins Sans Frontieres Australia

· Australian Development Gateway - Disaster Management

· Australian government Health Insite - Disaster Management

· Natural Disaster Management

· Australian Emergency Management Association

· Australian Health Disaster Management Policy Committee

· Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services

· Natural Disaster Mitigation (NSW)

· New South Wales Emergency Services

· Northern Territories Emergency Services

· Queensland Emergency Services

· Queensland Disaster Management Group

· South Australia State Emergency Services

· Tasmania Emergency Services

· Victoria State Emergency Services

· Fire and Emergency Services, Western Australia


Selected International Links (top)

· The New Jersey Center for Public Health Preparedness at UMDNJ

· Terrorism Research Center

· University at Albany Center for Public Health Preparedness

· The Center for Biosecurity, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).

· BioterroRisk - interactive online case studies

· CDC Bioterrorism Emergency Preparedness & Response

· Disaster response: principles of preparation and coordination

· Clinicians' Biosecurity Network

· USDHHS Agency for healthcare research and quality - Public health preparedness

· Univ Alabama, Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections

· Biological Terrorism Response Manual

· American College of Physicians

· Biological Warfare/Bioterrorism Handbook

· Infectious Diseases Society of America - Bioterrorism Information and Resources

· The Florida Center for Public Health Preparedness

· The North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness Training Website

· Disaster and Emergency Medicine Project

· World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM)

· The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)

Selected Journals (top)

· Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science

· International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters

· Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal

Disaster Prevention and Management

· Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies

· Australian Journal of Emergency Management

· ADPC: Asian Disaster Management News

· Australian Journal of Trauma and Disaster Studies

· Crisis Manager Newsletter

· Disaster Research Newsletter

· Disaster Recovery Journal

· Journal of Homeland Security and Management

· Australian National Emergency Response Journal

· Journal of Global Health Protection

· Journal of Rural and Tropical Public Health