Fieldwork requirements

JCU Fieldwork Student Policy

It is a requirement of JCU Fieldwork Students that they read, understand and adhere to JCU Fieldwork Policy guidelines. Details of the policy are covered here. For details of Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Policy, please consult the OT Discipline handbook, under “Current Students”.

Occupational Therapy Official Handbook

The JCU Courses and Degrees website details various procedures and requirements that are relevant to undertaking fieldwork. You can view these details here:

Hepatitis B

It is a requirement of JCU and of Queensland Health that all students participating in fieldwork placements complete a course of three Hepatitis B vaccinations. Written evidence of immunisation to Hepatitis B must be shown to the fieldwork assistant prior to the commencement of any fieldwork placement. For further information please refer to the following links:

JCU Infectious Diseases Policy

First Aid

It is a requirement of specific OT subjects that students possess a current first aid and CPR certificate. Initial evidence of current first aid and CPR certificate must be presented prior to week 12 of the first study period of the course.

A current first aid and CPR certificate is required before students can commence any fieldwork placement. First aid and CPR certificates must be kept updated throughout the course and evidence provided to the fieldwork assistant.

Working with Children application

It is a university requirement that all students 18 years and over are required to apply for a Working with Children Check (Blue Card) to confirm their suitability to work with children before they commence fieldwork placements. In addition, some organisations may require students to undertake a police clearance check, which could be at a cost to the student.

About the blue card

Student blue card application form

Other blue card forms are available such as:

  • Renewal forms

  • Change of personal details

  • Alternative identification

  • Statutory declarations

  • Lost or stolen blue cards

  • Correction to blue card

  • Queensland Health Orientation

Queensland Health Fieldwork requirements

Prior to commencing any fieldwork all students are required to complete Queensland Health’s Online Orientation and sign the Student Orientation Checklist, which also confirms their commitment to Hepatitis B immunisation.

Student Health Professionals’ Clinical Placement or Fieldwork Orientation general information

Student Health Professionals’ Clinical Placement or Fieldwork Orientation Package

Student Orientation Checklist

Uniform Policy

All students on Fieldwork placements are expected to wear approved JCU OT uniforms. Details and availability info are included in the student orientation pack issued to all students during “O Week”.