Dr Michele K Surbey

Ethics Monitor, Research Apprenticeship Program

Senior Lecturer (Psychology)



College of Healthcare Sciences, Townsville Campus


+61 (07) 4781 5157


+61 (07) 4781 5117




College of Healthcare Sciences

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

James Cook University

Townsville 4811 QLD


Qualifications, Memberships and Consultancies

  • B.A. (Hons) (SFU)

  • M.Sc. (SFU)

  • Ph.D. (McMaster)

Currently Teaching

  • PY2108 Evolution of Behaviour

  • PY4108Advanced Topics in Psychology

Research Interests

  • Evolution of psychological mechanisms underlying human sociality, including self-deception

  • Evolutionary perspectives on development (esp. the timing of puberty, birth order effects and personality)

  • Human mate selection, in particular, self-perceived mate value, the role of male characteristics in female choice

Selected Publications

Surbey, M. K. (2007). Selfishgenes, developmental systems, and the evolution of development. In C. B. Crawford & D. Krebs (eds), Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology, In Press.

Surbey, M. K., & Brice, G. R. (2007). Enhancement of self-perceived mate value precedes a shift in men’s preferred mating strategy. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 39(3), 513-522.

Surbey, M.K. (2004). Self-deception: Helping and hindering personal and public decision making. In C.B. Crawford & C.A. Salmon (Eds), Evolutionary Psychology, public policy, and personal decisions (pp.117-144). Hillsdale, NJ:Earlbaum.

Surbey, M.K. & McNally, J.J. (1997). Self-deception as a mediator of cooperation and defection in varying social contexts described in the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma. Evolution and Human Behavior, 18, 417-435.

Surbey, M.K. (1990). Family composition, stress, and human menarche. In T.E. Ziegler & F.B. Bercovitch (Eds.), The socioendocrinology of primate reproduction (pp.11-32). New York: Wiley-Liss.


Currently Supervising

  • Alana Bowen, Ph.D

  • Mike Larson, Ph.D

  • Chantel Levkovich, D.Psyc