The Florence Nightingale Story

Florence Nightingale life story is told on this web site link to the Museum of Florence Nightingale, 2 Lambeth Palace Road, London. Find out the extra-ordinary tale of a women who was a legend in her lifetime. It shows that the Crimean War years which made her famous were just two out of a life of ninety years.

'Florence Nightingale was more than a romantic heroine. Her farsighted reforms have influenced the nature of modern health care and her writings continue to be a resource for nurses, health managers and planners...' The Florence Nightingale Museum Trust 1999

Florence Nightingale, 1856< A young Florence






Famous picture of Florence at the time of the Crimean War > years.

Florence Nightingale by Footner

Florence  Nightingale died at home at the age of 90 on the 13th August 1910>




Blessed with determined motivation, Nightingale was a stern, starchy but gifted organiser. Her success in elevating nursing owed much to her insistence in her 'Notes on Nursing' (1859) on the requirement for nurse recruits to receive a thorough training in nursing theory and practice. She was a great advocate in the power of facts, calling statistics 'the most important science in the world'. Florence believed nursing involved dedication, devotion and discipline, but it was also to be a skilled profession. 

Adapted from: Roy Porter, 1997, 'The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity from Antiquity to the Present', Harper/Collins Publishers London. 


The Museum of Florence Nightingale. A good website to view the history of this famous woman. 

Rural Hygiene.  Website with a report by Florence Nightingale who worked in the area of public health, hospital administration, and sanitary reform.  

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