14th JCU InterCollege Music Competition

@JCU 14th JCU InterCollege Music Competition

The 14th JCU InterCollege Music Competition was held on Sunday September 11 at the Sir George Kneipp Auditorium at JCU Townsville. 

The competition is a 4-hour alcohol free event that encourages wholesome, team spirited fun, investing in the growth and talent of young people. 

Preparation for the JCU Intercollege Music Competition starts mid-year as the participants begin choreographing and practising. By production time in September it is always a showcase of the talent JCU has to offer via five musical categories: Instrumental, Band, Choir, Musical Theatre and Dance.

The competition is only open to JCU College students, from: Saints, John Flynn, University Hall, George Roberts, St Marks, Rotary & Western. There are usually about 350 performers in the competition spanning across all colleges.

The Category Winners this year were:


Winner: Uni Hall    Runner Up: Saints


Winner: John Flynn  Runner Up: St Marks


Winner: Saints  Runner Up: John Flynn

Musical Theatre:

Winner: Saints  Runner Up: John Flynn


Winner: John Flynn  Runner Up: Dance

Event organiser Chanelle Hybacrakin said:

As the event coordinator I look to invite high profile members of the local community to the competition each year to sit on a judging panel. This is for the purpose of the students being able to receive experienced, applicable feedback to better themselves from persons in a position of respect within the arts world. But more importantly, to provide the students the opportunity to have their talent displayed, and on occasion head-hunted, by influential members that can often create unexpected opportunities for the stand out students.

An example of this is our 2014 competition where we invited Jeff Jimeson to be on our judging panel. After the competition Jeff took the microphone and offered JCU student and solo pianist, Oliver Koh, an employment opportunity at the Townsville Civic Theatre. This year lead singer, Angus Milne, of famous band King Social made several mentions of how blown away he was by the talent he had seen among the students. He stayed behind after the show to further encourage the John Flynn winning 'Band' students in their creative futures. These opportunities are priceless are to a young person, and we are lucky enough to be able to provide them.

My involvement in the competition began in 2013 when I was invited to be a photographer for the event while studying New Media Arts at JCU. In 2014 I was given the opportunity to take over coordinating the event and adding my own little creative touch to the production. Co-ordinating the JCU ICMC has been a heart-warming role for me. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside such dedicated young adults, each were reliable and radiant even when facing their own individual workloads and study timetables. The cultural representatives set aside hours on a weekly basis for planning meetings with myself months in advance. Each college rep and students collaborated a creative reflection of themselves, for no other reason than their love for the arts. An event this size is only ever as good as the team behind it, and the students of JCU are the roots of its’ success.

Below are photos from this year's JCU ICMC, each of the winners performing within each category:

john flynn band

John Flynn Band Members: Jonathon Carll & Byron Thompson

Saints Choir

Saints Choir: Fronted by Michael Wong

Saints Musical Theatre

Saints Musical Theatre: Fronted by Luke Mccarthy