Active Transport in the Tropics Network - Moving forward@JCU

@JCU Active Transport in the Tropics Network - Moving forward@JCU

Active transport in the tropics is gaining momentum at JCU with The Active Transport in the Tropics Network growing and celebrating a number of successes. The goal for the Network is to contribute to making Townsville the safest, most active, eco-friendly transport city in Australia and the tropics by 2030.

Associate Professor Richard Franklin said “The network welcomes the participation of the representatives from the Planning units at the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Townsville City Council, as well as, the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network, and the Bicycle User Groups representing Townsville, the Hospital and James Cook University.  Our collaboration also looks forward to working with and adding further to our university membership who come from the Academic Division of Tropical Environments and Societies, the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine, specific Research Centres and a number of service divisions at James Cook University, including JCU TropEco and Discovery Rise.”

In June the Active Transport in the Tropics multi-disciplinary network was awarded a Research and Innovation grant of $18 960 from the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network.  The Network is using these funds to conduct an evidence scoping project and prepare a report which summarises the available evidence about active transport for the Townsville area.    Based on this literature review, the network members will develop an action-research agenda, in collaboration with community groups, to support active transport in Townsville city.  

The Active Transport in the Tropics Network is also working with the TropEco, JCU program to publish findings from the annual JCU Transport Survey (2016 – 2018, continuing).   

A range of inter-disciplinary publications are planned. On October 13th, the JCU TropEco Sustainability Awards acknowledged the Active Transport in the Tropics Network through the foundation work conducted by Julie Parison.   Julie received the Highly Commended Excellence Award for Staff.   TropEco Director Mr Adam Connell stated at the time he was looking forward to continuing the collaboration with the network to achieve sustainability goals.

On October 19th the network convened a meeting to progress work and also heard presentations from the Transport Main Roads Department - Mr David Edwards, Townsville City Council  - Mr Jason MacPherson and Councillor Maurie Soars, and the Director of JCU Discovery Rise Project - Mr Alan Carpenter.  These speakers discussed the planning and built environment work being conducted for the Townsville city and region, and the James Cook University, Douglas campus.   These presentations and the social networking at the meeting provided a valuable understanding of the current context and future opportunities to address community needs around active transport.  

For more information about the Active Transport in the Tropics Network contact  Associate Professor Richard Franklin or Julie Parison at the College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences, James Cook University, Townsville.

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Back row: Associate Professor Sue Devine (Public Health & Tropical Medicine), Associate Professor Glenn Dawes (Associate Dean, Research, College of Arts, Society and Education), Mr Jason McPherson (Townsville City Council, Strategic Planning), Dr Sue Ciccotosto (Head, Accounting, College of Business, Law & Governance), Dr Robyn Preston, (Medicine, Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine), Mr Adam Connell (Manager Environment, Estate Directorate, including the TropEco program);

Front row: Julie Parison (Public Health & Tropical Medicine),  Barbra Kurkowski (Health Promotion Coordinator, Northern Queensland Primary Health Network), Jemma King (Public Health & Tropical Medicine), Associate Professor Richard Franklin.

Absent from this photo: Mr David Edwards, (Planning, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Townsville, Councillor Maurie Soars (Townsville City Council, Division 8, Chair Innovation and Business Advisory Committee, Laura Vidmar (Townsville City Council, Sport and Recreation Coordinator, Community and Environment Division), Dr Yetta Gurtner (Planning, College of Science & Engineering, Centre for Disaster Studies), Associate Professor Anthony Leicht (Institute of Sport and Exercise Science), Mr Michael Barber (Bicycle User Group, Townsville Hospital), Mr Alan Carpenter (Project Director, JCU Discovery Rise), Dr Kayla Morris (Psychology), Dr Daniel Lindsay (Public Health & Tropical Medicine, Research Fellow, Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine).


The work of the Active Transport in the Tropics network was acknowledged when Julie Parison, received a Highly Commended, TropEco Excellence Award – Staff  on October 13th.

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