Adventures in Bioinformatics: David Powell

@JCU Adventures in Bioinformatics: David Powell

Differential expression analysis with Degust and topconfects

When: 12 Noon Friday 3rd November 2017
Where: The Science Place (142 - 020)
Note: If you are doing the methylation workshop this talk is part of your lunch break

David Powell will present some of the recent work from Monash Bioinformatics Platform including their interactive web-based tool for RNA-seq differential expression testing, Degust. He will discuss how degust works, and why it hits a "sweet-spot", and also, the ongoing developments of the tool. He will also present the R package, topconfects, for estimating confident effect sizes from RNA-seq or microarray data. This package allows ranking of genes by effect size, while still controlling the False Discovery Rate.

David has been the director of the Monash Bioinformatics Platform since 2015. He completed his PhD in Computer Science with a thesis on sequence alignment algorithms. David has spent time working in the software industry before returning to an academic position in bioinformatics. David's research interests are in the area of bulk and single cell RNAseq, data visualization and integration of omics data such as RNAseq, proteomics, ChiPseq, ATACseq.

There will be light refreshments afterwards and a chance to chat to David.