[AIESEC] YouthSpeak Survey Engagement

@JCU [AIESEC] YouthSpeak Survey Engagement

Invitation to participate in global youth survey

youth survey 

AIESEC is a global youth-run organisation aimed to develop leadership in youth all around the world.

The YouthSpeak Survey is a global youth insight study aimed to gather youth perspective and inputs about their education, employment and current issues. As the survey will be conducted by AIESEC in 126 countries and territories globally, the survey will be the largest youth focused survey to be carried out. Thus, we would like to reach out to as many young Australians as possible.

We believe James Cook University will be an amazing fit for the survey and would love to hear from your students!

We would like to extend an invitation to James Cook University to come on board and help push this movement to your stakeholders particularly the students, possibly by Facebook or email. With that, the results will be shared when published as well.




AIESEC, the world’s largest youth leadership development organisation, launched its second global youth focused survey aiming to be the largest pool of youth insights on current pressing issues aiming to gather 100,000 responses globally to improve youth engagement in global movements.

YouthSpeak Survey run by AIESEC is a global youth insight survey run by youth for youth. It is
the“no-barriers” programme that enables any young person and stakeholder to participate in issues
relevant to their society.

Currently, the YouthSpeak survey aims to gain perspective on the present and also youth vision on
education, employment, global and local issues highlighting the key challenges youth face.

The survey sets to provide a platform for youths to communicate their opinions aimed to shine the light on the
issues that matter, create awareness and generate actions.

Its results are to support decision makers with more inclusive data on topics that lacked broader youth
insight and attention.

In partnership with PwC and with the support of the United Nations Millennium Campaign, MY World
and United Nations Secretary- General’s Envoy on Youth, 42 257 millennials voiced their opinion
about education, employment and entrepreneurship from the first launching.

Now in its second year, the survey aims to reach a bigger and globally diversed groups.

To find out more on the YouthSpeak movement, please visit http://youthspeak.aiesec.org/ or the
Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AIESECinAustralia.