ALTAR film screening

@JCU ALTAR film screening

"Gleaners and I" free documentary film screening


'Gleaners and I' (2000, 82 mins) is an intimate, picaresque inquiry into French life, as lived by the country's poor
and its provident, as well as by the film's own director, Agnès Varda.

The aesthetic, political and finally moral point of departure for Varda are gleaners, those individuals who pick at already-⁠reaped fields for the odd potato, the leftover turnip, and in previous generations were immortalized by the likes of Millet and Van Gogh.

Event Date: Nov 25, 2015
Event Time: from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Event Location: the main theatre of the The Cairns Institute, James Cook University

Contact Name: Dr. Daniela Vavrova /⁠ Bård R. Aaberge
Contact Email: /⁠
Contact Phone Number: 0420593462 /⁠ 0448711975