Approval of the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement 2016

@JCU Approval of the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement 2016

Dear Colleagues

As you know, voting in relation to our proposed Enterprise Agreement concluded this afternoon.

I'm pleased to report that the proposed Enterprise Agreement has been approved by a majority of staff, with 90% of those who participated in the vote, voting Yes.

We also had 48.5% of the total number of eligible staff participate in the voting process.  It's encouraging to me that so many of you have engaged in this important process and had your say.

This is a major milestone for the University.  Thank you for your contribution to this vote.

We will now make arrangements for the filing of the Enterprise Agreement in the Fair Work Commission for approval, and will keep you updated as this progresses.  Subject to approval by the Fair Work Commission, the Enterprise Agreement will provide us with the certainty that is in all of our interests in the years ahead.

As I undertook to do, I will now also provide an administrative pay increase, backdated to 30 September 2017, which reflects the timing of the first pay increase in the new EA, and which you will receive in time for Christmas.

Thank you once again for your involvement in this process.

Kind regards


Professor Sandra Harding