Digital archives for JCU's 47 year-old journal LINQ now completed

@JCU Digital archives for JCU's 47 year-old journal LINQ now completed


Digital archives for JCU's 47 year-old journal LINQ (Literature in North Queensland), were recently completed.

In an environment in which Arts funding is contracting, venues for publishing scholarship of literature and creative writing in Australia are shrinking. 

It’s remarkable that James Cook University’s own literary journal LINQ has kept going all this time. 

This material is now available by open access to scholars across Australia and to the general public. 

Issues, now fully searchable, can be accessed by clicking this hyperlink and using the “search” field. 

Combing through the inevitable dross that accumulates over the years, there is valuable treasure. There are over 87 journals, which include original work by famous Australian authors Thea Astley, Judith Wright, Dal Stivens, Ian Mudie, Ouyang Uy, Nettie and Vance Palmer, Mudrooroo, and others.

There are also articles are by local and nationally renowned scholars and writers of literature such as Dorothy Green, Xavier Herbert, Tony Thwaites, Kay Ferres, Cherly Frost, Elizabeth Perkins, Ross Smith, Noel Macainsh,  Carole Ferrier, Lindel Ryan, Harry Heseltine, Tony Hassall, Stephen Torre, Cassandra Pybus, Robert Dixon. There are also interviews with Alice Munro, Les Murray etc. And there are valuable monographs published but the Foundation for Literary Studies.

This work has been completed with thanks to help from Fuji Xerox as well as funding from Margaret and Colin Roderick, the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies, and support from Jackie Wolstenholme from the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, David Beitey from the JCU eResearch centre,  and editorial assistance from project officers Chantel Russell, Wayne Bradshaw, and Jennifer Barrett.

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