New Distinguished Professor, Professor Philip Pearce

@JCU New Distinguished Professor, Professor Philip Pearce

New Distinguished Professor, Professor Philip Pearce

At its meeting on April 7, the University Council conferred the title of Distinguished Professor on Professor Philip Pearce, in recognition of his exceptional scholarly contribution and prominence as an international leader in his research field of tourism.  Please join the University Council and the Vice Chancellor, Professor Sandra Harding, in congratulating Distinguished Professor Pearce.

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Philip L Pearce (pictured above) is Foundation Professor of Tourism and Chair in Tourism, in JCU's College of Business. Law and Governance, in the Division of Tropical Environments and Societies

In acknowledging the award Philip Pearce commented:

"I would like to emphasise that academic achievements are not solitary efforts. I thank all my productive current and past PhD students, especially Maoying Wu, Connie Loi, Pierre Benckendorff and Sebastian Filep. Further, several JCU tourism staff, Gianna Moscardo, Laurie Murphy and  Tingzhen Chen, have been important co-researchers and I have many good CBLG colleagues. The respect and flexibility offered for my tourism work by current  and past Deans and Heads of School, notably Noel Richards, the late Craig Littler and David Low, have been valuable. For personal support, thanks to family and key friends - John and Tom Pearce, Susan Jenner, Hera Oktadiana and Zohre Mohammadi."


Philip Pearce has taught in Australian Universities for over 30 years. He is the first Professor of Tourism in Australia and is based at James Cook University. He has a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and Diploma of Education from the University of Adelaide and earned a Doctorate from the University of Oxford studying tourists in Europe. He has held a Fulbright scholarship at Harvard University. In his position at James Cook University he teaches at all levels with a focus on tourist behaviour and experience. In 2008 he won an ALTC award for advancing tourism education and for the supervision of Doctoral level students, having successfully supervised 30 such students.  He has 250 publications and 8 books on tourism. He was the founding editor of The Journal of Tourism Studies (1990-2005) and now reviews and edits manuscripts for other journals on a regular basis.  He is a frequent keynote speaker at tourism conferences particularly in Asia. His special interest areas are tourist behaviour, notably tourist motivation and experience, tourism and communities and tourism education and research.

He has recent interest and publications in the areas of Chinese outbound tourism. He supervises a large number of PhD students and has been the principal supervisor for over 30 PhD successful graduates from 12 countries. He currently supervises Phd students from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.