Award for Species on the Move

@JCU Award for Species on the Move

Award for 'Species on the Move' team

JCU's Lorena Falconi and Jan Strugnell are among a team of researchers who have been awarded the national 2017 Peer Prize for Women in the category Earth, Environment and Space for their research into 'species on the move'.

The entry was based on the publication 'Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: Impacts on ecosystems and human well-being' which outlined the team's findings that plants and animals are moving towards the north and south poles, further up mountains and deeper into the sea.

The award was organised by the science and innovation website Thinkable and sponsored by the Sun Foundation Australia. The annual prize is awarded following an online vote by researchers from around the world and aims to accelerate open knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary innovation among women in science.