Be part of a global event for disability rights

@JCU Be part of a global event for disability rights

Dear friends from James Cook University

We invite you to join a worldwide event to raise awareness for disability rights and accessibility.
Information on the wheelchair accessibility of public places is often scarce or hard to find, making it very difficult for people with mobility impairments to participate in our communities. That is why the German NGO Sozialhelden (‘Social Heroes’), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the IBE-UNESCO are launching the campaign “MapMyDay”, which will begin on December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

During the campaign, people around the world will be marking the accessibility of public places such as restaurants, train stations, educational institutions and government buildings on, a free online map which is also the world’s largest database for wheelchair accessible places. If many people in many places around the world contribute information to Wheelmap and if new conversations about accessibility are started along the way, this campaign will be a great success.

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That is where your institution comes in:
Will you please spread the word about this campaign to your students, staff and other networks and help us make this campaign a smashing success? “MapMyDay” is a great opportunity to get students involved in a social cause and to show them how they can make a difference in the lives of others.

You can show your support with something as simple as retweeting our #MapMyDay posts - all the way to organizing a mapping event within your institution.

Be the movement!

Raul Krauthausen

More information:

A sheet with background information on the campaign >> is here <<

A sheet with concrete ideas on how your institution can be involved >> is here <<

MapMyDay is a campaign of the SOZIALHELDEN.
We, the German NGO SOZIALHELDEN (Social Heroes), have been developing creative projects that address social problems since 2004. Our enthusiastic activism draws attention to important issues and offers practical solutions in a spirit of diversity, inclusion and fun. Combining innovative ideas with a sense of humor has proven to be a very successful mix, one that has won us a slew of prestigious international and national prizes
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