Burrows Award - Peter Junk

@JCU Burrows Award - Peter Junk

Professor Peter Junk to receive The Burrows Award


Congratulations to JCU's Professor Peter Junk (pictured above), Head of Matter & Materials, College of Science, Technology and Engineering, who will receive the 27th Inorganic Chemistry Award of The RACI, the Burrows Award.

It will be presented at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s 2016 Inorganic Chemistry Division National Conference (IC16, Melbourne, 17-21 July 2016).

It will run concurrently with the 27th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC 2016, http://icomc2016.com)

The Award commemorates George Joseph Burrows (1888-1950). Burrows was appointed to the staff of the University of Sydney in 1919 and made important contributions to coordination chemistry during the following twenty-one years, especially in the field of metal-tertiary arsine complexes.

Collaborators of Burrows included E.E. Turner, Sir Ian Wark and Sir Ronald Nyholm. Burrows was the Royal Society of New South Wales' Liversidge Lecturer in 1940.

The award is based on consideration of the candidate's scientific work published in the past 10 years, together with other evidence of his or her standing in the international community. A major portion of the relevant scientific work must have been carried out in Australia and/or New Zealand.