Can you help? JCU research seeking input from farmers

@JCU Can you help? JCU research seeking input from farmers

Can you help? JCU researchers seeking input from farmers

Do you know a farmer? 

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A JCU study investigating how farmers view climate change is seeking responses from farmers across Australia. The study aims to understand what different farmers think about climate change, and understand potential impacts on farmers and farming practices into the future. This information could be used to inform policy, planning, interventions, and future research.

We would like to hear from Australian farmers aged 18+ across a variety of industries. This will help to gain an informed view about how different types of farmers from different areas around Australia perceive climate change and may react to it differently, and how particular industries might be specifically affected.


If you are a farmer or know a farmer who may be interested in participating in the survey, you can help by sharing the link and getting the word out, we would love to hear from as many different people as possible.

The survey is run online and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. It is anonymous, and no individual will be personally identified in any way. 

The survey can be found at:

This link directs to the survey information page, which contains further information about participation and the aims of the research. 

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact investigator Emma Kassulke ( or project supervisor Dr Connar McShane ( Phone: 07 4781 6879). We would love to hear from you.