Chinese scholar visiting JCU for one year

@JCU Chinese scholar visiting JCU for one year

A scholar from the Chinese Academy of Sciences visiting JCU for one year

yanfang and group

From left: Dr Yanfang Li, Professor Eric Wolanski, Professor Yongming Luo (Vice-director of YICZR) and Dr Hua Zhang (leader of the YICZR oceanography group).

Two weeks ago we welcomed Dr. Yanfang LI, a physical oceanographer at the Chinese Academy of sciences, who will work at JCU’s TropWATER for one year.

Yanfang’s lab is the Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research in Yantai. It is located near Bohai Strait, a shallow body of water with strong currents that separates the Bohai Sea from the Yellow Sea. The oceanography of Bohai Strait is similar to those of Torres Strait. Because of his experience in studying Torres Strait, JCU Professor Eric Wolanski FTSE was invited to spend 3 months in 2014 and 2015 in Yantai. Eric and Yanfang collaborated in a study of the net water circulation through Bohai Strait.

Yanfang has been awarded a one-year travel scholarship from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  She will spend her time at JCU working with Eric and colleagues at JCU on the oceanography of Torres Strait. For that Yanfang will join the team comprising Eric, Jon Brodie and Jane Waterhouse in TropWATER at JCU and Professor Flavio Martins at the University of Algarve in Portugal. This aims to finalise and verify a physical oceanography model of the intrusion in Torres Strait of the Fly River plume, originating in PNG and polluted by the Ok Tedi mine. This is the only case where Australian waters may be polluted by activities in other countries.

Yanfang will also collaborate with JCU PhD student Kay Critchell in applying her plastic oceanography model to the Bohai Sea, a semi-enclosed sea in China that is believed to be heavily polluted by plastics. In addition she will collaborate with Eric to apply his UNESCO estuarine ecohydrology model to Laizhou Bay to estimate its environmental health as impacted by land-use in the catchment, intensive aquaculture in coastal waters and large dams in the Yellow River.

We are hoping that this will start a long-term collaboration between JCU and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Eric Wolanski, FTSE