CoastFM Cairns needs volunteers

@JCU CoastFM Cairns needs volunteers

CoastFM Cairns needs volunteers

The 24/7 radio station is used for Smithfield High Schools radio classes for years 9, 11 and 12. The station caters for the Youth, Arts and Culture of Cairns. To do this they need volunteers to help develop business plans, set up the documentation, help with computer programming and networking, technical, research, writing and creating.

Just some of the jobs required:

· Contacts with organisations about events and possible story lines.

· Researchers and writers to develop the story lines.

· Interviewers

· Editors to make the story flow.

· Audio engineers to fine tune the sound and people to help with the technical work.

· People to make sure the programs and sponsors go to air correctly

· Helping sell and create Sponsor Announcements.

· Music programmers to help constant change of ideas.

· Computer people to help set up better internal storage.

· Develop software improvements for our station and other Community Stations.

· Grant writers

To find out more contact Ross Pols on 4058 4333 or email