Community of NeuroScientists at JCU - join the grassroots effort

@JCU Community of NeuroScientists at JCU - join the grassroots effort

A grass-root effort is taking place to form a “virtual” community with “real” activity for neuroscience-minded academics and researchers at JCU and The Townsville Hospital.


Neuroscience, the research of the brain and its interaction with the physical and social environment, is the final frontier of science. 

There are a number of academics, doctors and researchers at JCU and at The Townsville Hospital who are working on different aspect of neuroscience from the behaviour of coral reef fish in response to climate change to the emotional and social cost of stress and trauma in Indigenous communities. 

However, there is very little communication between these groups, which impedes efforts to attract funding and good students to this exciting, wide field.

This may change soon. A grass-root effort has been initiated to form a community in the broadly defined area of NEUROSCIENCE, which includes everything from molecular and cellular neuroscience to behaviour, psychology, psychiatry, mental health and public health aspects of brain/mental disorders. 

The initiative’s goal is to create a sense of community and an easily identifiable face for neuroscience research at JCU. 

In the future they would like to establish a Neuroscience Seminar Series with local and invited speakers, representing the rich and diverse interests of the whole, broad JCU neuroscience community.

Such initiatives have been very successful in world-leading universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and University of Melbourne. 

The “Community of NeuroScientists” at JCU hopes to create a similarly lively community that will enrich research and teaching & learning at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels at JCU.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative and would like to be part of it please send an email to Associate Professor Zoltan Sarnyai, the convenor of the ”Community of NeuroScientists” (