Discussion Day – STEM at JCU

@JCU Discussion Day – STEM at JCU

Discussion Day – STEM at JCU

You are warmly invited to attend, and showcase the range of STEM-focused engagement activities that you are undertaking.  The Discussion Day will provide the opportunity for all of us to better understand the current capacity of James Cook University.

The day will inform how JCU responds to, and shapes, growing political and community demand that STEM skills work to deliver Australia’s future prosperity. There is a high level of political support for universities to work collaboratively with schools, the community and industry on innovation, entrepreneurship and STEM. Whilst JCU is very active in education, research and engagement related to STEM, there is room for improving the coordination of our efforts and to strategically align to maximise future funding opportunities and decision-making about where our efforts are best directed.

Please send your talk title and expression of interest to Yvette.williams@jcu.edu.au

Please RSVP to attend to Yvette.williams@jcu.edu.au by Thursday 1th December.

Date: 12th December 2016

Time: 8.30am to 1pm

Venue: ATSIP conference room – 145-030; video conference to Cairns (TBC)

Discussions will be led by Prof Marcus Lane – Dean, College of Science and Engineering.





Welcome and introduction

Prof Marcus Lane & Guest Speaker


STEM Talks by JCU staff


Morning Tea


STEM Talks by JCU staff


Discussion on capacity and future directions

13:30 -14:00