End-of-life decision-making: volunteers needed for research

@JCU End-of-life decision-making: volunteers needed for research

Volunteers Needed for Social Science Research

Ethics approval number: H6133

Volunteers are needed for a research project which seeks to understand the ethics of end of life decision making.  

We are looking for family members who wish to tell their story of their experiences negotiating medical and other end of life care decisions. 

The aim is understand and explain how these difficult decisions are made and how the family and the patient respond to their clinical care experience.  

Interested parties will only need to volunteer two hours of their time.  

For this round of interviews, interested parties will need to be available for interview from 17th June to 31st July.  To find out more, please contact the principal researcher: kristine.vandinther@my.jcu.edu.au

Contact: Mrs Kristine Van Dinther

Email: kristine.vandinther@my.jcu.edu.au

Phone: (07) 4232 2133

Details: Interviews conducted at the Cairns Institute