Ever wanted to explore the underwater world? (Townsville)

@JCU Ever wanted to explore the underwater world? (Townsville)

remote area dive

Remote Area Dive 

I am a postgrad student at JCU as well as the operational manager here at Remote Area Dive and just wanted to share some information that I thought may be relevant to pass on to other students.

Firstly, Remote Area Dive will be holding a FREE Discover Scuba Diving session at the Riverway Pools on the 28th of November from 9am-2pm.

This is a FREE community event aimed at getting locals to spend more time outdoors and to discover the underwater world.

As many students at JCU are interested in diving for research, pleasure or a career this will be a great opportunity for them to see if they enjoy diving and for any that are apprehensive to try diving within a comfortable and controlled environment.  

For those who already dive, there will be a coral spawning trip departing on the 29th of November to Pelorus Island. It will consist of two night dives and a morning dive with all meals and transport included. Remote Area Dive is more than happy to encompass any researchers or students wanting to participate in this trip.

Anna Purcell

Customer Liaison Officer and Dive Master