FameLab: let's go for the trifecta!

@JCU FameLab: let's go for the trifecta!

FameLab: let’s go for the trifecta!

 michael smout

Photo: Dr Michael Smout in his winning FameLab 2014 performance.

The British Council Australia invites scientists, mathematicians and engineers to take part in FameLab 2016.

Contestants in this science communication competition have just three minutes to convey a scientific concept on stage in an original, entertaining style.

They are judged on the content, clarity and charisma of their presentation.

JCU researchers have won the Australian competition in 2014 (Michael Smout) and 2015 (Sandip Kamath).

50 Australian semi-finalists will win presentation training sessions.

15 finalists will participate in a two-day professional development course.

The Australian winner will appear at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, UK, June 2016.

Applicants can be honours students, graduate students or up to five years post-PhD, researching in any field of science, maths or engineering.

Applications close on Friday 19 February.