Foreign language courses for high school students

@JCU Foreign language courses for high school students

Foreign language courses for high school students


School children from as far away as Brisbane travelled to Townsville last week to learn another language, as part of a unique James Cook University holiday program.

The JCU Academy of Modern Languages September holiday program started on Monday (September 26) and finished on Friday, September 30. 

There were 74 students (aged 12 to 17) enrolled in the course in Townsville and 62 in Cairns.

Florence Boulard, JCU Academy of Modern Languages Director and French lecturer, said there was no other university language course like this being offered in Queensland for children in primary and secondary school. 

“Through this course we expect that students will be able to develop their language skills but also their leadership skills and their international-mindedness,” Ms Boulard said.

“We believe that it is important for the children in our region to be provided opportunities to connect with the rest of the world through the lenses of language education. In the long term, knowledge of a second language adds value to both your personal and professional life.”

Ms Boulard said the JCU course was offering Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Many students have received a scholarship fully funded by the Department of Education and Training. 

The program is an extension of the Young Language Ambassador program and part of a larger set of initiatives to revive language education in Queensland.  

The students come from a range of schools.