Genomics@JCU Workshop Series

@JCU Genomics@JCU Workshop Series

Genomics@JCU Workshop Series

From Genome to Phenome: Quantitative and Adaptation Genomics in natural and breeding populations

After two very successful workshops focusing on Transcriptomics, Metagenomics and small genome/metagenome assembly, Genomics@JCU is organizing a new exciting and integrative workshop covering the fields of Population, Adaptation and Quantitative Genomics in model and non-model organisms.

The aim is to integrate expertise and knowledge from the breeding and evolutionary research community around quantitative and adaptation genomics concepts. The workshop will be given by world-class experts in these fields (Dr. Felicity Jones and Dr. Frank Chan from the Max-Planck Institute (Plön, Germany), Dr. Steve Chenoweth from the University of Queensland, and Dr. Mehar Khatkar and Dr. Peter Thompson from the University of Sydney), as a mix of lectures, conceptual discussions, and hands-on practical case studies (mainly using R tools).

The workshop will be held at JCU Townsville campus from 7–9 December 2015.

To download the draft program and to register your expression of interest, please follow this link:

Registration deadline is Tuesday 24th of November at 4 pm !

This workshop is organized with the financial support of: Division of Research and Innovation, Comparative Genomics Centre, Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture, Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change, and the ARC Research Hub for Advanced Prawn Breeding.

We hope to see many of you there !

The Genomics@JCU Team

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