Hack the Reef - March 25 (Townsville)

@JCU Hack the Reef - March 25 (Townsville)

Hack the Reef  Saturday 25 March, 10am - 5pm, Townsville

Hack the Reef is a creative hackathon where participants will use design thinking to save the reef.

What’s a hackathon? Originating from Silicon Valley, hackathons inspire teams to join forces and use innovation and creativity to solve problems. Leading Hack the Reef is a selection of innovative thinkers, scientists, designers and technologists from all corners of Australia who will combine their expertise to guide participants through the hackathon process.

Why attend? Hack the Reef is open and welcoming of everyone interested in participating. You may be an entrepreneur, student, creative or simply an engaged an interested person. Participants will gain knowledge and insights about the Great Barrier Reef, learn new techniques to solve problems, practice design thinking and implementation, as well as connect the dots with future mentors, friends and colleagues along the way. Teams will work in small groups to come up with a creative solution to a complex problem, and present their concept in a pitch format at the end of the day. There are limited places available, so get in quick and register at www.myriad.live/hackthereef to reserve your free spot for this awesome opportunity!