Honduras Frog Rescue update

@JCU Honduras Frog Rescue update

Hello & thank you for your interest in the Honduras Amphibian Rescue & Conservation Center!

Today, we released a fantastic new frog rescue video! In this short film, you can see some of the beautiful frogs we're working to save from extinction and hear our Director, Jonathan Kolby, speak about the global crisis caused by the spread of chytrid fungus. Click here to watch this video: Hope in the Midst of Chytrid

We really appreciate all of our followers and would like to extend an extra special 'thank you' to everyone who has already contributed towards our crowdfunding event (view the details here).

We also recently created a video library on YouTube where you can see all our previous videos at your leisure: HARCC FrogRescue

Enjoy these videos and please share with anyone who might also be interested in our wildlife conservation efforts.

Thank you and have a hopping good day!

Jonathan & the HARCC Team