Introducing JCU Online

@JCU Introducing JCU Online

Introducing an exciting new initiative at JCU.

From 21 June, JCU will start marketing the first two courses in a new collaboration with Keypath Education intended to expand the scale and reach of our online courses. The launch courses are the Master of Nursing and the Master of Data Science and the first cohort of students will commence in late October. We are working towards having a total of six postgraduate courses aimed at working adults offered through this collaboration by the end of 2018.

Keypath has significant experience in online education and is helping us with digital marketing, curriculum design, enquiry management and retention. The specialist expertise that Keypath brings allows us to develop courses quicker and reach more potential students than we could on our own. While Keypath is a valued partner, the students are JCU students, we make all decisions about admission into the courses and we are responsible for the teaching and assessment.

This week's launch involves:

  • Adding the first courses to the Courses website
  • Opening the online application and enquiry process for the courses
  • Commencing digital marketing campaigns

About JCU Online (staff only)

For more information, contact Stephanie Hunter or Ross Shaw.