Invitation to the AITHM Australasian Tropical Health Conference (ATHC)

@JCU Invitation to the AITHM Australasian Tropical Health Conference (ATHC)

ATHC conference

I would like to extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to join us at the Australasian Tropical Health Conference (ATHC) in 2016.A major 'health transition' is occurring on a global scale, whereby chronic disease is mixing with tropical infectious diseases. 

This is highly relevant to the rapidly emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific region and the Indigenous peoples of developed nations. 

This presents a new challenge for tropical health and medicine research in the early 21st Century. 

New research is required into the fundamental biologically-based reciprocal interactions between infectious and chronic diseases at the level of epigenetics, inflammation and immunoregulation. 

Early exposure to critical signals during development significantly impacts subsequent homeostasis, innate immune training, immune responses, vaccination outcomes, infectious and chronic disease risk and thus ‘hygiene hypothesis’ and the global health transition from infectious to chronic disease burden. 

Chronic diseases pre-dispose to and are exacerbated by infectious diseases and many have infection as part of their aetiology.

Following directly from the International Congress of Tropical Medicine and Malaria as a satellite conference and at the same venue, the theme of the 5th Australasian Tropical Health Conference in 2016 is “Intersection between Chronic and Infectious Disease”. 

Delegates will explore the epigenetic, molecular, cellular, clinical and epidemiological context of the newly emerging, critically important health transition. 

The conference will provide access to leading speakers and networking opportunities over the two-day event.

ATHC is AITHM’s premier event for the year and we invite you to celebrate with us and network as we bring together established and emerging tropical health researchers from Australia and overseas over the two-day event.

Very best wishes

Professor Louis Schofield

Director, AITHM

Conference details

2016 Australasian Tropical Health Conference

22-23 September, Brisbane and Entertainment Convention Centre

“Intersection between chronic and infectious disease”

We look forward to welcoming you!

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