JCU 2016 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

@JCU JCU 2016 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

JCU 2016 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Dear Colleagues 

Last Friday, the Vice Chancellor announced our colleagues who have been awarded a 2016 JCU Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. These 11 individuals and one team have demonstrated a sustained commitment to improving the student experience through curriculum innovation and reform, sustained scholarly work and inspiring approaches to learning, teaching and student support. 

The Vice-Chancellor also announced the 2016 JCU overall winner, Ms Karyn Bentley from the College of Healthcare Sciences. Karyn’s full Citation reads as follows:

Informed by over thirty years of professional experience, Karyn Bentley’s teaching at JCU employs highly imaginative and creative methods to immerse students in rich learning. These methods empower the students’ development of a professional midwifery practice underpinned by a holistic personal philosophy of care. Karyn’s teaching inspires and motivates midwifery students as they embark upon a journey of self-discovery, connecting the logic of care with the emotion of care.

Please join with me in congratulating all of the winners listed below and, in particular, our overall 2016 winner, Karyn.

I also wish to record my thanks to our dedicated Associate Deans, Learning and Teaching, for all of their hard work in both supporting their College’s nominees and for joining with LTSE colleagues and me on the Citations Assessment Panel.

As you will see from the below, we have a lot to be proud of in learning and teaching and student support here at JCU.

Kind Regards


2016 JCU Citation Winners

Ms Karyn Bentley (College of Healthcare Sciences) – Overall winner for 2016

For Connecting logic with emotion through imaginative and creative teaching: Inspiring midwifery students to form their own personal philosophy of care.

Dr Constantin Constantinoiu (College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences)

For Arming future veterinarians against an ever-adaptable foe: Inspired parasitology curriculum and resources that capture the beauty (and terror) of parasites in the tropics

Dr Murray Davies (College of Science and Engineering)

For STEMming the Tide: Using a purposeful and powerful combination of analogies and humour to demonstrate why chemistry matters as a crucial enabling science.

Dr Neus (Snowy) Evans (College of Arts, Society and Education)

For Responsive Pedagogies: A three-tiered approach that is responsive to students' needs, supports engagement, sustained learning and success for diverse students across subjects.

Dr Abraham Francis (College of Arts, Society and Education)

For leadership and expertise in social work education in mental health that inspires and nurtures students to be competent, confident and compassionate practitioners.

Dr Robyn Glade-Wright (College of Arts, Society and Education)

For 'Not Your Typical Theory Class': Inspiring Creative Arts Students theory learning through research-oriented, innovative delivery and engaging assessment.

Mr Patrick Higgins (College of Science and Engineering)

For improving student success in first year mathematics through an engaging combination of performance-oriented teaching, meaningful in-class learning and advanced online resources.

Dr Kerry Anne McBain (College of Healthcare Sciences)

For engaging, empowering and inspiring students of the tropics by creating a synergy between the theoretical foundations of psychological practice and real world community based application.

Dr Julie Mudd (College of Medicine and Dentistry)

For inspiring student engagement in public health principles by developing practical teaching approaches for medical students that promote clinical relevancy and real world applicability.

Dr Bronson Philippa (College of Science and Engineering)

For enthusing students in electronics engineering with active and authentic learning.

Dr Alexandra Trollope (College of Medicine and Dentistry)

For implementing blended learning approaches to engage and inspire students in the study of anatomy across a variety of health disciplines.

The Veterinary Sciences Early Career Teaching and Development Team (College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences)

A/Prof John Cavalieri, Dr Sandra De Cat, Dr Elizabeth Perkins, Mrs Blaise Webster, Dr Glen Walker

For Developing a sense of self and professional identity: Successfully transitioning veterinary students through intentional curriculum design.

Professor Sally Kift

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

James Cook University 


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