JCU introduces hybrid Corollas to the fleet

@JCU JCU introduces hybrid Corollas to the fleet

JCU introduces hybrid Corollas to the fleet

Currently JCU hires out vehicles to departments and short term users on an as required basis. These fleets include sedans, utes and 4x4 variants. Recently JCU has introduced three new Petrol-Hybrid vehicles into these fleets to replace their fossil fuel reliant cousins.

The three new Petrol-Hybrid vehicles are all Toyota Corolla hatchbacks, a popular car within the fleet and the external public area. At first glance the new Corolla looks identical to the petrol cousin, but with the hybrid technology there are a few subtle differences.

The Corolla Petrol-Hybrid variant is powered by a 1.8L petrol engine coupled to Toyotas electric system as used in the Prius sedans. This power is then transferred through to the wheels by the Automatic CVT transmission. As with the Prius the battery is charged by the petrol motor or by regenerative braking; there is no need to plug this car in to charge. This technology not only gives you a good drive but with its Petrol-Hybrid technology the 45L fuel tank will take you an impressive 1100kms.

The benefits of this Petrol-Hybrid system are not only lower fuel use but through the life of the vehicle lower emissions produced into the environment. This is a result of stop start technology when sitting idle in traffic and the coupling of the petrol and electric motors.

Alongside the standard Corolla the new Hybrid uses less fuel and produces less emissions while still giving you the same driving feel as the full petrol model. The Hybrid is reported to use only 4.1L/100kms and produce 96g CO2/100km compared to the standard Corolla’s 6.1L/100kms and 143g CO2/100kms.

So if you are travelling for JCU work be it a short trip across town, or a long trip away, the environment will benefit from the lowest emission vehicle in our fleet. When you are making your next JCU Ausfleet vehicle booking, remember: the new Toyota Corolla Hybrids are now available for hire in Townsville and Cairns.

For further information contact vehicles@jcu.edu.au