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Dear valued members of JCU staff,

The JCU Psychology Clinic is inviting you to come and experience a psychological declutter!

The Clinic is beginning Semester 2, 2016 with an invitation for staff to experience the quality services provided by our postgraduate Clinical Psychology Masters students, who are all Provisionally Registered Psychologists.  

We are offering up to 12 individual sessions of ‘Psychological Declutter’ – including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, and/or Relaxation training - at no cost for the first 20 members of staff who apply.

Please contact psychclinic@jcu.edu.au to obtain an application form by email. Sessions will be available beginning August, and timing is able to be negotiated.

As with all of our services, privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.

Cost: Free of charge to the first 20 respondents.

Where: Find us on Level 2 of the Clinical Practice Building, a state of the art facility located at main the entrance to the University.

How to Apply: Contact psychclinic@jcu.edu.au for an application form

Inquiries: Contact Rachel at psychclinic@jcu.edu.au or on 4781 5893.

Any questions about this service can please be directed to me via the above email or by phoning 4781 5893.

Kind regards,

Rachel Taylor (Clinical Psychologist)

Clinic Manager - Psychology Clinic

Level 2, Building 500

Clinical Practice Building

JCU Douglas Campus  TOWNSVILLE  4811

P: (07) 4781 5893