@JCU JCU Timetable Network - Getting ready for Teaching Period One 2019

JCU Timetable Network - Getting ready for Teaching Period One 2019

 Screenshot of Syllabus Plus during Timetable Draft Phase

The JCU Timetable is an important platform where comprehensive Curriculum Design, dedicated Academic planning and essential Operational resources come together to deliver a keystone engagement opportunity with our student body. 

Now that Teaching Period Two 2018 is well under way, your JCU Timetable Network has started to focus behind the scenes and commence designing, drafting, endorsing and preparing the next Timetable for Teaching Period One 2019.

It is interesting to note, JCU uses a decentralised model for managing the maintenance of our Timetable.  Division of Services and Resources hold the centralised JCU Timetable Team in their Estate Directorate, and the small team are greatly supported across all JCU units by a decentralised network of Timetable Representatives.  The decentralised staff are located within all Colleges, LTSE and IERC.  These staff have daily administrative and operational roles for their Colleges, and also balance their workload when needed to support the Timetable development.

The drafting process for each Timetable build relies heavily on many Team Leaders and Administrative Support Officers to provide the communication link from College to Timetable System and ensure the right data is provided in time. Throughout October the JCU Timetable Team will build the draft Timetable and then finalise the document for publication, after refinement by the Timetable Representatives and Academy.

JCU Timetable Team will be publishing Teaching Period One 2019 Timetable on 19 November 2018.

If you have further queries about the Timetable Process, or would like Timetable Team to visit your College meetings to outline the process in greater detail, please contact JCU Timetable Team.