JCU’s Turtle Health Research Facility Open

@JCU JCU’s Turtle Health Research Facility Open

JCU’s Turtle Health Research Facility Open

Dr Ariel and Nemo 

It’s the only dedicated turtle health research centre of its kind in the world, and it already has some very cute, hungry residents.

Stage One of JCU’s Turtle Health Research Facility is now open. It can be found opposite building 87 in the Veterinary precinct on the Townsville campus.

Dr Ellen Ariel (pictured) and her team will study the health of turtles, from hatchlings to fully-grown animals. The Great Barrier Reef is home to six of the world’s seven endangered species of turtles, and the centre’s research will be crucial to help ensure the survival of these threatened animals.

Construction of Stage Two of the centre’s nursery will begin next year, with the installation of larger, outdoor tanks and other facilities.

The project is unique for JCU, with multiple donors involved and coordinated by the University. All donors are stewarded via the Office of External Engagement as the point of contact at JCU.

The research facility is already home to several turtles, including Nemo (pictured above). Nemo’s favourite food is frozen peas.

We expect to hear a lot more about Nemo and his reptilian friends in 2016 as they help us to better understand turtle health.

JCU would like to thank the following donors for their generous support of the centre:

Turtle Health Research Facility (Stage 1)

The E Robert Hayles and Alison L Hayles Charitable Trust


The Winifred Violet Scott Charitable Trust

Albert George and Nancy Youngman Trust

Turtle Nursery (Stage 2)

The John Villiers Trust

James N. Kirby Foundation