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JCU Japan ski trip - a success!

Japan ski trip 

In January, 45 eager JCU Cairns and Townsville students jetted off to Japan on a two-week ski trip to the Japanese Alps, as part of a JCU Sport and Rec trip.

Some major stacks were had, but each student from sunny North Queensland finally adapted to the cold slippery stuff and we had some absolute pro’s by the end of the trip!

After the fun in the snow was over, we had a few days in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

Karaoke, sushi and Disneyland were some of the favourites of the JCU ski trippers in Tokyo.

Since the trip was such a success, we will now make it an annual event. Info will be released around April about the next JCU Sport and Rec ski trip. Join the “JCU Sport” Facebook Group to keep in touch with us about sign on and more trip info.

Teisha Condie
JCUSA (Townsville Campus)
Sport and Recreation Manager
P: 4781 4537